Wednesday, January 13, 2016

About Dawnara

I'm a newbie to this world of blogging.  I am no author by far.  I am simply using this medium to track how I eat and share with those who are interested.  This year I turned 40 and with this new age has come new things to focus on for my health and my families health.  I know there are many healthy guru's out there and many may and or may not come in contact with my site.  Let me be the first to say those who know me know this has been my life for as long as they and I can remember.  This isn't an attempt for me to go with the masses.  I have always an interest in healthy eating and like many have also fallen into not so healthy eating that has comprised of mostly carbohydrates.  This year it is my goal is to continue in my best health.  I will share food recipes and photos, gardening ideas, travel ideas and or what so ever I feel as this blog is mine.  In a nutshell I am a Christian, mother of a teenager, girlfriend, nurse in a corporate world, art lover and an adventure seeker.  Like most I am still trying to figure my life out....controlling my choices i.e., diet are what I consider a start in the right direction.  

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