Sunday, January 17, 2016

Breakfast Date

Photo courtesy of William-Sonoma
In romantic relationships sparks can and will fizzle after a while when things begin to become monotonous. It’s good to be at ease with each other, meaning less scary and unknown dynamics to tackle with. In order to keep the sparks flying in our relationship, we have made it a rule to keep dating each other.  Not just Netflix and chill as that is quite easy to fall into, but really going out.  I will say I am more of the adventure seeker in the relationship.  Although my guy appeared as an extrovert when we met I will say he is definitely an introvert who does not care so much for crowds. 

Checking out inventory

For this weekend's date I preregistered for a cooking technique class at William-Sonoma's Polaris location. The class offered was on Crepes.  Erik is a highly skilled cook.  He can prepare almost any dish and full of flavor.  I struggle as I am a minimalist with ingredients and my food has to be "clean".  I wasn't sure this course would meet all of my eating woes but I was up for the venture.

Crêpes are often thought of as the province of the French, similar pancakes abound in countries as diverse as Greece and Iceland.  Crêpes were the first breakfast food that Erik ever made for me. They were tasty!  It took me a while to eat them as I "needed" to know how he made them.  His family is a bunch of Norwegian Vikings and refers to them as pannekaker.  Unlike Erik's family, crêpes were never a staple in my household growing up. We were pancake eaters if ever we ate them. For the most part we ate porridge/cream of wheat/ oat meal. It is and has always been my goal to eat as healthy and whole as possible. Crepes do not come to mind as healthy choices however there are MANY different ways to learn. So this weekend we ventured to William-Sonoma for a primer on preparing lacy-thin crepes.

My hands on experience

Hands on

We arrived on time. Our class size was small. The class demonstrator prepared the dish. The class is FREE and it's an hour long. It also includes tastings the prepared dish. All participants get a 10% savings on select same-day purchases.

A success...
Overall we had a GREAT time meeting new people.  If you are up for a new venture and would like to learn some new cooking techniques at William-Sonoma...check out their next upcoming class... be sure to share.  Now for the next outing....

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