Thursday, January 14, 2016

Salsa Madness

I can get pretty nervous when I venture into something new and self-doubt.  It really does help to have a little idea of what awaits you, so that you don’t make a complete fool of yourself. 
Yesterday evening Erik and I ventured into our first Salsa class at Emerald City Ballroom in Dublin, Ohio.  They have three levels:  Beginning, Beginner’s II and Intermediate.  We are at the beginner’s level.  I wanted my daughter to attend with me last night however she was very tired and needed to complete a project for school.  It is a plan to have her join the next Salsa Social. 
Now, here’s a little insider knowledge that will give you the guts to rock up to your first Salsa class with a huge smile on your face and inspire all the other students with your massive aura of confidence.

Here’s what to expect in your first Salsa class:

You can’t help but to feel highly motivated and anxious all at once.  Erik was a bit apprehensive as he is only 8 months from his left femur injury.  We had 2 instructors (who were amazing) and approximately 6 beginners in our group.   The intermediate group was larger.  I had the largest smile ever on my face, after all everyone in my group was a beginner just like me and those in the intermediate group were beginners once.  I looked at Erik and as he began to shimmy his smile and confidence started rising and I knew this was going to be great!

Let me tell you…we had on regular ole attire.  You will feel comfortable!  You do not need to put on special Salsa clothes, wear special Salsa shoes or even bring a partner. The teachers arrive: they’re not at all intimidating but are warm and friendly and you’re pleasantly surprised.

They treat you to a little demonstration of Salsa as students arrive and it really inspires you.  My instructors gently introduced steps, let our group try them out, and then the DJ popped on some music which really brought out the moves.  Let me tell you there are mirror’s everywhere.  Looking at yourself in the mirror is a treat.  We swapped partners along the way to keep things fresh, which helped me to learn effectively and gave me a chance to say hello to all the other lovely people in the class.  Erik really is a natural with following directions and figuring things out and the instructor BRAVO’D him several times for “gettin” it.  I guess he’s a natural. 

The class will fly by and you’ll go home happy. Next week seems so far away.  I am counting down the days until the next dancing opportunity.   I hope Erik will join me again and hopefully I have a new recruit my daughter.  Today at work I walked in dancing and I’ve even sneakily looked up Salsa music on YouTube.

Just remember you cannot be a dancer if you do not dance!  Join Salsamante Dance Academy  Thanks to my lovely co-worker Grace who suggested this date night.  Thanks Grace!

Now it’s time for you to have your say. What was your first Salsa class like? Did you feel nervous before you went?  Share…


  1. Well...i had a lovely time. It didnt take long to realize it was like "peas to a pod" when i hit the floor. My royal spanish lineage had a chance to be free! I tried to hold back some as i got warmed up. I did not want dawnara to get intimidated by my spicy salsa moves oozing with sexual expression. I had to bring her into my embrace gently. Livin' la vida loca! 😉

  2. A perfect atmosphere to learn without restriction. What a great way to spend time and learn something new while MOVING and meeting some fantastic like minded people. I will say your Salsa moves were quite definitely received the instructors BRAVO. Until next time...