Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I'm grateful

Taking even 2 minutes to focus your attention on things and people for which you’re grateful can turn any frown upside down. Try it.
I’m grateful for my precious daughter.  I'm reminded over and over just how I have been blessed with the sweetest gift of all motherhood.  Everyday her presence, her calm spirit and respect for me gives me a healthy future to look too.  I’m grateful for my generous, crafty and smart boyfriend.  I’m grateful for all of my family. I’m grateful for my friends who I know God blessed me to journey this life with.  I'm grateful for a heart to love others.  
I’m grateful for my portion of health… I’m without cancer, disease, or pain.
I’m grateful for prayer....knowing that I can talk to God authentically about anything without feeling ashamed.  I am grateful for God's provision.  I am grateful for my 5:30 am prayer group and Thursday evening prayer group. I'm grateful for having a church family and to worship freely without limits.  
I’m grateful for growing in my love for delicious, superior, high quality foods and a medium to share with others.
I’m grateful for having a roof over my head that protects me and my daughter from the elements outside.
I’m grateful this morning the cold weather, icy roads and balding rear tires did not run me off of the road and made it safely to work.  
I’m grateful for my bed.
I’m grateful for fresh water.
I’m grateful for the cold weather in Ohio today and having all of my senses in tact to know.
I’m grateful that my eyesight works and I can read.
I’m grateful that I can hear music with my ears and have a voice to sing along.
I’m grateful for my freedom.
I’m grateful for the Internet and my computer.
I’m grateful for the clothes on my back the shoes on my feet.
I’m grateful that I can live in a safe neighborhood.
I’m grateful for gratitude.
I’m grateful for so many things. Why are you grateful?

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